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"Took me by the hand..."

My statement always was "I don't want to have to become a computer guru just to have a blog." A friend of mine suggested I contact Cyberchute Hosting. They very patiently took this newbie by the hand and lead me through the minefield of setting up my blog.

Susan S.

"Support is fantastic..."

I am a website designer and developer. This is my first time working with Cyberchute. The technical support is fantastic. I will be recommending Cyberchute to new clients.

Kathryn Dawal

"Over the top service! "

I have always been thrilled to be with Cyberchute hosting. Someone always answers your questions and addresses any concerns within minutes of sending out a help notice. Any time of day and any day. Over the top customer service!

Joel S.

"Thank you .. for training...""

Thank you for your time in training me (Wordpress) and the great price!

I appreciate that!

Gail S.


If you would like to be a web designer or Wordpress developer, sell to your own customers and have a great technical team that has your back and looks out for you, then we can help you get your business started. We offer a lot of advantages, including free secure email, free automatic daily incremental backup with a 14 day archive, instant free installation of Wordpress, shopping carts and other programs, personal attention, help and guidance when needed, and some of the best technical support in the business from Rackspace, all based totally in the USA. If you can come up with two hosting customers to start, we can provide you with a (sliding) percentage of the hosting fees. Contact us now

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